Welcome; Mostek Law

The Past is Prologue

After nearly nine months of practicing law under our new banner, here we are finally launching the website we imagined months ago, but only with dedicated support from and many thanks to Drew Davies, Mandy Mowers and the whole team at Oxide Design.

You see, there was a whole lot more for us to do at the same time as we were practicing law, like renting space . . . hiring designers and marketing specialists . . . buying furniture, phone and computer systems . . . hiring electricians, painters, communications and computer specialists . . . forming our banking, insurance, accounting and bookkeeping relationships . . . buying document management, firm management and legal research services . . . hiring office assistants . . . finding plants . . .

Whew!!! I have new found respect for all the small business clients I’ve helped over the years, watching them grow and succeed.

Having “grown up” in bigger firms where we had someone to do everything for us (almost everything!), except practice law, we knew it would be a challenge to put all the pieces together. And it will remain challenging, but more satisfying. As Tami said, “we get to bring our dog to work with us every day, it’s hard to beat that!” You’ll hear more about Chesney, I’m sure.


So this is our welcome to you, whomever you may be. If you previously viewed our temporary, DIY website you’ll recall it showed pictures of our office under construction. It was a great place holder, but we weren’t very proud of it, and it held its place too long.

We had all kinds of web designers and site optimization folks, from all over the country, calling and emailing us to say how much help we needed! But, one good friend, Steve, commented that it was a wonderful site because it showed our humanity, and he wanted us to leave it up in some fashion alongside the new site. That was a great compliment to us. Steve is an authentic person.

If you didn’t see our temporary website, then too late! Welcome to the real deal.

Our Approach

We don’t want our website to try to make us look like something we’re not, either for the good or the bad. We will make mistakes, but our goal is to be authentic, and in doing so to create a place that will be interesting and useful to all the communities we serve, be it our clients, friends, other lawyers, our city, state or nation. Yes, I said our nation.

Our site could be a legal blog, but it is not. We are not allowing comments or conversations, though we welcome you to email or call us if you have something meaningful to offer. We’ll never have advertising on our site, as with some blogs. We’re not here to make money off our web site, we are here to educate, inform, stimulate and serve. In my mind, conversation and advertising are two things that distinguish blogs from other websites.

Taking a Stand

Our philosophy, true or not, is this: We are the leaders in our field, no one does it or can do it better. What you will see on these pages is probably something you’ve never seen before.

What you will see is a mixture of works. There will be scholarly commentary and reports on the law and legal developments, original research on legal matters and trends with suggested conclusions. (With footnotes and everything!) You’ll see political commentary. You’ll see religion and faith in God displayed on our sleeve. You’ll see some things that are funny, and some just bad attempts at humor. You’ll see things you agree with and things you don’t, things that make you happy and things that make you mad. Through it all we hope you will be informed, entertained and stimulated. We hope you’ll see things that make you think.

You’ll see what I call “baseline” articles, which will bear that tag. Reading these will provide some basic understanding of legal and other problems that will be covered in-depth, over time. Some baseline articles, like this welcome piece, will help you get to know us.

We will always be professional. We will never intentionally offend anyone, but we will be authentic and we will take a stand. Too many websites, legal and otherwise, try to drive down the middle of the road for fear of offending anyone or harming the bottom line. We believe you will respect us for being honest and authentic, unafraid.

So if you think our writing and comments are slanted, you’re probably right, at least in your perception. That’s alright, and we respect your opinion and right to differ. We stand squarely on the side of business, personal freedom and accountability. We believe that you really did build your business, all by yourself.

This is just the beginning. You’ll see new and surprising things in the coming months as our full plan is rolled-out and launched. It will be designed to make a real difference, serving our clients and other people who work in the areas where we practice. Our brand will grow, and will be sustained far beyond my career and time in practice.

With Gratitude

We are grateful to God for the many blessings and all the abundance He brings to our lives, for showing us His path and ability to see the signs He posts for us along the Way. We continually pray He blesses us with discernment, the ability to see the difference between good and evil which can be very difficult.

We are grateful for the dedicated and true people who serve our state and nation, especially those who protect us and work to preserve our freedom. May you never be betrayed. As for the others, we pray you will be revealed, and that God will help you find a way that leads to your salvation. And, if you don’t believe in God, then we pray for you even more.

And, most of all, we are grateful for our many, many loyal clients and friends who believe in us and follow us wherever we go, some for 20 and 30 years now. Thank you , thank you, thank you. Tusen tack! Your friendship and loyalty will be rewarded. And, we believe there are many more loyal clients out there waiting to be served the right way, the Mostek Law way. We hope you find us soon!


How may we serve you?

Article by: Mike Mostek
Photo by: Anna Mostek Photography

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