Tami Schmitt

TamiTami brings a very diverse educational and business background to the firm. She completed her Bachelor of Science at Wayne State College in Wayne, NE with honors in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology and received a Master of Science in Toxicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As the self-appointed “science geek” in the office, she has gained new-found respect for the technical and scientific expertise that environmental lawyers must achieve. She is frequently amused with the juxtaposition of “balancing the scales of justice” compared to her past experiences of “balancing equations” (although she does acknowledge you’d have to understand her sense of humor to find that even remotely funny).

Tami has been fortunate to be involved in a variety of positions involving the start-up, development or growth of small to mid-sized manufacturing, biotechnology and sales organizations. Managing many of the office functions for a law firm for the first time has been challenging and also very rewarding. When asked what she likes the most about working in the legal field, she immediately responds “It’s the clients. I love the clients we work for! Even though this is a completely different business than I’ve been involved in before, it all comes back to the same thing for me. There is nothing that I enjoy more than helping other people get the help they need.

Mike Mostek is arguably the “Dean of Environmental Law,” not just in Nebraska, but in the entire Midwest. I have the utmost respect for Mike and the depth and breadth of his knowledge, experience, and unwavering ethical standards. It is an honor to be involved in a firm based on integrity and the belief that the legal profession exists first to be of service to others, instead of always looking for a way to pad the bottom line. As an afterthought, Tami adds “It’s also pretty cool we get to bring our dog to work every day. What more could you ask for?”


Professional Skills Client Services and Support, Relationship Management, Business Strategy Planning, Certified Corporate Training, Cross Functional-Leadership, Sales and Account Management
Scope of Practice Strategic business plans and client service across several industries including manufacturing, construction, and global biotechnology instrumentation systems.  Laboratory Research expertise in Molecular Biology, Neurotoxicology, Hepatobiology, and Pharmacology.
Education University of North Carolina, Master of Science in Toxicology, 1994
Wayne State College, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Biology& Psychology, 1990
Continuing Education Certificate in Corporate Training, Bellevue University, 2002
Publications Eisen, E.J., Murray, J.D., Schmitt, T.J. “An Ovine-Growth-Hormone Transgene Model Suitable for Selection Experiments for Growth in Mice.” Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 112 (1995), 401-413.
Harry, G.J., Schmitt, T.J., Zawia, N. “Gap-43 Messenger-RNA Expression in the Developing Rat Brain – Alterations Following Lead-acetate Exposure.” Neurotoxicology 17, no. N2SUM (1996), 407-414. Article 3184.
Brown, H., Evans, H.L., Gong, Z.L., Harry, G.J., Schmitt, T.J. “Lead-Induced Alterations of Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) in the Developing Rat Brain.” Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 139, no N1JUL (1996), 84-93. Article 2972

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